Virya Group

Over the years we have used several different solutions to provide customer support and manage our documentation, none of which really worked in the integrated way we hoped for.

With the launch of our new product lines and consolidation of Virya Software and Microdata for Joomla into the main Virya Group website, we decided the time was right to really tackle this issue and research products that would bring as much as possible 'under one roof', while providing a slick user experience for our customers, support team and management.

Introducing DeskPro

After an extended research phase we have trialled several systems and settled on DeskPro as our system going forward.

DeskPRO is a multichannel, multilingual customer support and help desk platform which includes a host of tools that facilitates ticket management, customer self-help, customer feedback, and live chat among others.

What is DeskPro?

DeskPro is Open Source software, which aligns with our values.  It is license-based, with a UK company behind the operation providing support and ongoing development.  We found the sales and support team to be outstanding, and we are super impressed with the way this system combines multiple different aspects of our business in one place.

We like the fact that the interface is available in multiple languages both for our customers and for our support team and management - we will be working to translate our documentation and resources into our core languages in the near future.

What will happen for existing support tickets?

We will be transitioning all historic tickets from our previous system (Jira Service Desk) into this system for existing customers as explained below - your account manager will be in touch to arrange an orientation for your team with the new system, and to discuss your staging date for moving over to this portal.

New workflows

Previously we have required our customers to have multiple logins - for our Joomla websites, for the helpdesk, and in some cases for our knowledgebase. We knew this was a really clunky way of working, so one of our main requirements was a single unified login shared across systems.

With DeskPro we will be implementing a Single Sign On with our main website -  This will be your central 'port of call' for everything to do with your account - memberships/subscriptions, invoices (which will all be consolidated in one place), quotes, newsletter subscriptions and more. 

When you log into the Virya Group website, you will automatically be logged into our support portal.  If you land on the support portal without coming via the website first, you can use your username/password from our website to log into DeskPro.

Virya Software and Microdata for Joomla customers

Customers from Virya Software and Microdata for Joomla have already been imported to our Virya Group site - you will find the username and password the same as Virya Software (note: If you use lastpass or similar, you may need to amend the domain name from to so that it picks up on the domain name).  Once you log in, you will be taken to your profile where you can view and update your details.  You can also view current and past subscriptions, access invoices, and renew subscriptions from this page.

Virya Group customers

Customers who have support retainers or ad-hoc support agreements with us will be contacted by your account manager to arrange an orientation and staging date for us to bring you over from the current helpdesk system to the new system.  We are aiming that all our customers will be transitioned to our new system by the end of February at the latest.