Virya Group Sustainable Support Policy

At Virya Group we aim to build a sustainable business which delivers consistently high standards across the board - from product design and development to customer support.  Our sustainable support policy outlines what you - as a customer - can expect from us, and how we deliver our support services.

Support hours

It is often said that time is precious, and we really believe that.  We value your time, and that of our team.  This is why we set clear support hours and expectations right from the start, so that you know when we will be available to provide support and how quickly you will get a response.  We don't expect our staff to be constantly available when they should be at home with their family or relaxing.

Our support hours are clearly stated - we offer support between the hours of 9am and 5pm UK time, Monday to Friday.

That being said, if somebody happens to see a support request come in out-of-hours and is able to respond, we will.

We expect to respond to all support requests within 24-48 hours (weekdays) and 48-72 hours (weekends).

Support credits

When you purchase a product, your membership will dictate the support credits available to you.  Each customer receives a specific number of credits per month which do not roll-over if they are not used.  Customers with support retainers will also have a specified number of credits per month available in accordance with their contract.

Any activities that our team process relating to your support tickets, chat requests or emails will be assigned to your support credits.

If you run out of support credits, you can purchase blocks of credits as 'add ons' to your membership through your account at 

You can read in more detail about our support credits system here.

Expired subscriptions

Customers with an active support subscription or support retainer contract are entitled to receive support.  Customers who do not have an active subscription or retainer contract will be required to renew their membership and/or purchase support credits to receive further support beyond the expiration of their membership.

We do not support customers where we can find no record of the product being purchased through our website.

What we support

We provide support for all of our extensions, themes, templates and plugins that are purchased through our site where the original purchaser has active support credits.

You can only use support credits for assistance with issues which are directly related to the product or service you have purchased from us. For example, if you buy one of our Mautic themes, we will be able to help with setting up the Mautic theme, but we can't help with troubleshooting general Mautic issues or implementing foms on your website, for example.

Support retainer customers will be able to use their credits against the work which has been agreed in advance in the contract documents.

What we will try to support

There are some things which occur due to reasons beyond our control or which are not strictly related to the product you purchased, but we will still try our best to help with:

  • Bugs due to other extensions
  • Hosting-related restrictions (where we are able!)
  • Minor customisations (if they can be done within your available support credits)

What we are not able to help with

There are some things we simply can't do as support issues - we may be able to quote to help as a project however these cannot be dealt with by our support team:

  • Rebuilding your entire site
  • Restoring your broken site
  • Building your Mautic campaign/landing page/email template
  • Compatibility issues with old browsers
  • Localhost or intranet instances