My Mautic cron job is not working as expected

If your cron jobs do not seem to be working, here are some points to check:

  1. Are you using the correct path to PHP before the Mautic command?  

    You may need to ask your hosting provider what the correct path should be for your hosting environment. If you have SSH access, type 'which php' to find where this is located.

  2. Are the jobs running successfully?

    You can usually set an email address to be notified when a cron job fires, with the output of the script.  Check this to see if they are running - often the error message will help you to identify the problem, for example if a database table has an error this will usually be reported in the error message.

  3. Have you used the correct path to your Mautic instance?  

    Usually this can be found in your System Information (accessed via the settings cog in your Mautic instance, at https://yourmauticinstance/s/sysinfo) under File & Folder Permissions - you will see the full path to the /app folder mentioned there, which should be used in the path to the scripts.

  4. Are there permissions problems with your Mautic instance?

    Occasionally we find that permissions issues can prevent scripts from running - check the System Info as above and make sure all the directories are writable.

  5. Have you set the timings for the cron jobs correctly?

    Certain tasks in Mautic need to happen in sequence - make sure that you are not overlapping your cron jobs or firing one before another has finished. For more guidance on setting up Mautic cron jobs please review this article:

  6. Is your server under-resourced for your data set?

    If you are working with large data sets, you may need to restrict the number of lead or events that are being processed by batching the cron jobs.  Please check this article for further details including the syntax for using batch sizes: