How does the Virya Group support system work?

After many years working in this industry, we have developed a support system which we believe is both fair to our customers, and sustainable to us as a company.  While we appreciate this might be a slightly different way of working to what is provided elsewhere, we hope you'll agree it allows us to deliver a high level of service in an ethical and sustainable way.

What are support credits?

Put simply, one support credit is equal to one minute of time.  So, if you have a subscription which offers 60 credits per month, that means you can access our support services for a maximum of 60 minutes during each calendar month.  The amount of credits we offer for each subscription is based on averages over the years we have been supporting these extensions, themes and plugins.

Some customers may have a support retainer with us - your contracted hours per month will be converted into a monthly credit volume which can be used by any of your company representatives.  Please contact your account manager if you have any queries relating to this.

How do I 'spend' support credits?

Each time one of our team is communicting with you or working on an issue, they will be logging time.  Our support portal automatically tracks the time that people spend with issues open, and we use this to ensure that all time is tracked accurately.

If your issue requires escalation to our second or third line support team, they will also log their time against the ticket.  This gives a transparent overview of how much work is being done on your support requests.

What can I use my support credits for?

You can only use support credits for assisting with issues which are directly related to the product or service you have purchased from us.  For example, if you buy one of our Mautic themes, we will be able to help with setting up the Mautic theme, but we can't help with troubleshooting general Mautic issues or implementing foms on your website, for example.

Support retainer customers will be able to use their credits against the work which has been agreed in advance in the contract documents.

What happens at the end of each month?

At the end of each month, regular support credits expire.  They do not roll over if they are not used.

What if I need more help, or my credits run out?

We have the facility for you to purchase blocks of additional support credits which are valid for 12 months.  This can be accessed via the membership section of our website.  Additional support credits may be used in relation to products you have purchased with us and - with advance agreement of our support team - for assistance with other issues.

My membership has expired, do I need to renew it to access support?

The cheapest option is generally to renew your membership, but if you prefer not to, and/or need more than the allocated support credits, you will need to purchase additional support credits as above.

Do you log telephone calls, email responses and meetings as billable time?

This is a business decision we took when we first formed Virya Group, to log all time on work spent for clients against their account.  We value our staff and our customers, as we only think it fair that the time they spend working on projects and support issues should be appropriately logged and charged for.  Our aim is to trade as an ethical and sustainable company, and we feel the only way to do this is to both have transparency on our work logging, and to charge for the actual work we do.

For this reason, we log all work - including responding to emails, answering telephone calls and attending meetings - against support credits.

The only exception for this is when we are having to carry out internal research around a topic which furthers our own knowledge, or where the fault is our own and we are implementing restorative fixes to resolve a problem we created or contributed toward.