Can your support my VPS/Dedicated Server?

At Virya Group we have a team of Linux experts who have had our noses in some form of Linux-based operating systems for a significant part of our lives!  We do not support any Windows-based operating systems, so please don't ask :)

While we do support Linux-based servers, we do so on a retainer basis of at least 8 hours per month (per server) and only after we have carried out a thorough audit of your server to ascertain if any work needs to be carried out before we commence supporting your infrastructure.

Server audits are charged on a time and materials basis of £75 (+VAT where applicable) per hour or part thereof, based on timesheets logged by the team working on your server.  An audit is mandatory before we consider any ad-hoc or retainer-based support - this is non-negotiable, even if you have an existing audit from another provider.

Why is an audit mandatory?

To put it bluntly, we don't trust what we are told until we see it for ourselves.  We pride ourselves on being thorough and rigarous in our work, and we cannot do this if we are working with unknown or assumed conditions.

Furthermore, we truly believe in transparent and ethical working practices.  

While we could quote a fixed sum for supporting a server or fixing a problem without looking at the server and just based on your understanding of the server or the issue, it is highly likely the quote would not be accurate.  

Without actually digging into the setup and checking out how everything is running, we simply can't be sure that what you're asking us to do is actually what needs doing.  We might end up over-charging you for a server which requires the bare minimum of intervention to keep it ticking over, or under-charging you, resulting in additional unplanned expense.

Carrying out an audit means that we can give you an informed quote for any work that needs to be rectified before we support the server, and clear understanding of the projected monthly costs that will be involved to provide the level of support you require.  We can also provide longer-term projections in cases where you may need to replace or upgrade your servers due to issues identified in the audit.

My server is running out of date software, can you support it?

We will never take on supporting a server either ad-hoc or on a retainer basis which we know to be running outdated software.

Any software that is out of date (including the operating system, in the case of known vulnerabilities) must be updated to the latest stable and secure versions prior to any support agreement commencing.  We can quote for this work to be carried out and provide a timeline for when it can be scheduled in.

We take this stance because as soon as we start supporting your server, we are responsible for its security and stability.  We cannot take on that responsibility knowing that there are potential vulnerabilities - unfortunately it's a non-negotiable clause in our insurance policies so we cannot be flexible on this issue.